CBM Progress Report 2016

Dear CBM members,

we invite you to contribute to the CBM Progress Report 2016 which is documenting the activities of the CBM collaboration and the progress on the road to a running experiment starting with the first issue back in 2006.

The deadline for the submission of contributions is Friday, 10 February 2017.
This assures that the printed version is ready for the CBM Collaboration Meeting in March 2017.

Below are the instructions for preparation and submission of the report.

  1. Contributions must be prepared in Latex, using the style files available at this link. This archive contains the style file JACoW-GSI-2015.cls and a template file SR-GSI-2015.tex with detailed instructions and style rules inside. The style file must not be changed and no additional Latex packages must be used.
  2. Contributions are up to two pages.
  3. Acceptable format for figures are: png, pdf, gif or jpg (no eps).
  4. Depends on the detector subsystem / physics performance, the contributions shall be sent as an archive file containing the Latex source file and the figures to chapter editors (who will be indicated soon)
  5. Contributions sent to the editors prior to this email will be forwarded accordingly.
  6. If you intend to submit your contribution also to the GSI Scientic Report, please state this explicitly in the email with your contribution.

With kind regards,
CBM Progress Report 2016 editors, Alberica Toia and Ilya Selyuzhenkov

(c) 2017 FAIR
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