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Dear CBM members, we invite you to contribute to the CBM Progress Report 2016 which is documenting the activities of the CBM collaboration and the progress on the road to a running experiment starting with the first issue back...



New GSI Scientific Managing Director visit to RE21



Two weeks ago, the first of 900 iron plates weighing a total of 4,000 tonnes started making their way from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to FAIR and GSI in Darmstadt. The plates will be used in one of the large...



PhD Award of the CBM collaboration granted for the first time



Honorary Professorship for CBM Spokesperson Peter Senger



FAIR erhält EU-Gelder für die gemeinsame Entwicklung von Silizium- Spurdetektoren des CBM Experiments mit JINR   Am 6. Oktober wurde der Start des europäisch-russischen EU-Kooperationsprojektes "CREMLIN"...



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