Experiment Program

About 3000 scientists from around the world will carry out experiments to understand the fundamental structure of matter, to explore exotic forms of it and to find final answers of how the universe evolved from its primordial state into what we see today.

FAIR allows to carry out several physics programs in parallel, covering four major fields:

  • ELISe - Electron-Ion Scattering in a Storage Ring
  • EXL - Exotic nuclei studied in light-ion induced reactions at the NESR storage ring experiment
  • ILIMA - Isomeric Beams, Lifetimes and Masses
  • MATS - Precision Measurements of very short-lived nuclei with Advanced Trapping System
  • R3B - Reactions with Relativistic Radioactive Beams
  • SuperFRS - Super Fragment Separator project


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Enlarge pic
The FAIR complex



Enlarge pic
Computer simulation of the collision of two uranium nuclei at maximum energy provided by the new facility.



Enlarge pic
The PANDA detector



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The CBM detector
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