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The Russian Federation signed the FAIR Convention on 4 October 2010 in Wiesbaden and declared its contribution to the FAIR construction to be 178.05 M Euro.

The State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom", who is the Russian funding agency in FAIR, has established a legal body called Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) for FAIR to organize the Russian activities in the FAIR GmbH. The STC consists of 15 well-known Russian physicists from Russian participating institutes and chaired by Prof. A. Vasiliev from Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino.

The Russian institutions participate in construction of all FAIR accelerators.

The Russia is responsible for the development and delivery of many key components within the FAIR experiments:

  • E.g. within CBM project Russia is involved in Silicon Tracker, RICH, superconducting dipole, TOF, ECAL, MUCH, etc.
  • In PANDA project Russia participates in construction of superconducting solenoid, ECAL, DIRC, MUON, TOF, pellet target, etc.
  • Seven Russian institutions contribute to the NUSTAR project, namely to R3B, MATS, ILIMA, EXL and ELISe experiments.
  • The Russia is a major participant of the HEDgeHOB experiment.

Russian representatives to FAIR:

Prof. V. A. Pershukov - Delegate to the Council of FAIR GmbH
Prof. V. Fortov - Delegate to the Council of FAIR GmbH

Dr. P. Bogdanov - Administrative and Finance Committee of FAIR GmbH (AFC)
Dr. V. Savosin - Administrative and Finance Committee of FAIR GmbH (AFC)

Prof. Yu. Shatunov - In-kind Review Board of FAIR GmbH


Prof. Victor Varentsov, Liaison Officer for Russia in FAIR GmbH
Planckstr. 1
64291 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 6159 71 1638, Fax: +49 6151 71 3916
E-Mail: victor.varentsov(at)

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И   Ц   Ф   Р   -   F   R   R   C

FAIR Russia Research Center

Russian research groups are members of the following FAIR collaborations:

Funding agency:


R O S A T O M - State Atomic Energy Corporation


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