Poland in FAIR

The Republic of Poland signed the FAIR Convention on 4 October 2010 in Darmstadt, and declared its contribution to the FAIR construction to be 23.6 M Euro. The Polish shareholder Jagiellonian University in Krakow holds 2.33 percent of the FAIR shares.

Polish physicists established a legal body called National Consortium FEMTOPHYSICS (NCF) to organize the Polish activities in the FAIR GmbH. Currently, NCF includes over 100 scientists and engineers from ten Polish Universities and three scientific institutes. NCF is represented by the Jagiellonian University and the activity of the NCF is organized by the NCF Board that includes representatives from all participating institutions. The NCF Board is chaired by Prof. dr. Zbigniew Majka from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The present activity of scientists and engineers associated in the NCF focuses on two issues:

  • Coordination of the FAIR experiments preparation by Polish groups which participate in eight FAIR collaborations;
  • Organisation and coordination of Polish “in-kind” contributions to the FAIR facility and experimental setup construction.

Polish representatives to FAIR:

Zbigniew Majka, Univ. Kraków
– Council Delegate, former FAIR Research Director

Mateusz Gaczynski, MNISW, Warsaw
- Council Delegate

Alicja Nowakowska, Univ. Kraków
- AFC Delegate

Gabriela Nowicka, Univ. Kraków
- AFC Delegate

Jacek T. Gierliński, Univ. Kraków
– Advisor Council, Advisor AFC, Chair MWG of Council, former Chair ISC

Tomasz Matulewicz, Univ. Warsaw
- IKRB Delegate


Zbigniew Majka, Prof. dr. hab.
Jagiellonian University, Institute of Physics
ul. Prof. St. Łojasiewicza 11
30-348 Krakow, Poland
Phone: +48 12 664 4669, +48 12 664 4523, Fax: +48 12 633 7086
E-mail: zbigniew.majka(at)uj.edu.pl

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